Do you remember train journeys you took as a child? Or perhaps some special memories from rail journeys here or overseas. Rail travel is easy and fun, no navigation or driving needed, just sitting back and gazing out the window at passing landscapes glimpsing into other’s lives – children playing in a backyard or a farmer herding cows, someone fishing in a river…  Did you ever go on the Silver Star?  You’ve probably heard of the TranzAlpine and the Overlander – but what about the Nile River Rainforest Train?  Not the Egyptian Nile, this one’s in Charleston on the West Coast of the South Island.  How about of the Awakeri or Forgotten World Rail Carts?  They’re pretty quirky, not your normal train.  But they’ll probably bring back memories of past train travel with their relaxing, slow pace as they travel through other people’s worlds, past and present, and you can be outdoors on them all amongst awesome scenery. 

Tours You’ll Love