When you look back at your favourite travel experiences over the years, what is it that makes some stand out more than others? For many, it's the people they meet and share special times with. Well that's what we think too and if you ask us why we do what we do, it's because we love meeting new people and showing you around our the very best spots in this magical country we're lucky to call home.

When you first get in touch about your trip, you'll be talking with Tracy, Tanya, Caroline or Alisha - all born and bred Kiwis, here to help with anything at all you need to know or want to ask, they'll make sure your MoaTours experience is relaxed and stress free from start to finish. 

The MoaTours HQ team on the beach in Auckland - Miles, Tanya, Amy, Steve, Tracy, Caroline, Ena and Alisha

Your Kiwi Guides

Our team of guides are great people with lots of interesting stories to tell, they love leading our small group style tours as they know this is the best way to see the amazing country we Kiwis call home. You'll love hearing about Paul's escapades in amateur theatre or Matt's years as a teacher on the Coast - getting to know these characters makes your trip that much more memorable.

Behind the scenes, the guide team is fully supported by one of the most experienced and committed teams in all of New Zealand tourism, folks with decades of experience who love sharing their favourite Kiwi spots with you on your tour.

MoaTours team on the sanddunes at the Hokianga Harbour

Meet the MoaTours family

Meet the team, from our Kiwi Guides to the friendly team at home base, scroll through below to say hi...

Tracy from MoaTours on the beach at Mission Bay


- Office Team

Tracy will be the person you talk to first of all when you're planning you're small group escape. She has years of experience in the travel industry so you know you're in a safe pair of hands! Having travelled all over New Zealand for years on her own holidays, she knows all the best spots and loves sharing with our guests. When she's not here at MoaTours she loves social dancing and exploring Auckland's amazing West Coast beaches.
Alisha from MoaTours on the beach at Mission Bay, Rangitoto Island in the background


- Office Team

Alisha has been part of the MoaTours team since 2010, she has a passion for traveling her own country and is a true Kiwi, having been raised in the countryside on a dairy farm in the Waikato. Her warm personality, calm efficiency and creative skills are a valuable asset to our team. She is here to help you with any questions and to make sure your MoaTours experience is smooth from start to finish.
Tanya from MoaTrek on the beach in Auckland, Rangitoto Island behind


- Office Team

Travel has been a big part of Tanya’s life for many years, she has lived and worked all over the world on her own ‘OE’ and now spends her days helping other people make their travel dreams come true. Tanya grew up in the country, and it's outside she loves spending her time - in the garden or walking the dog!
MoaTours Kiwi Guide Matt at Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown


- Kiwi Guide

Matt is a natural and cultural history buff, and loves nothing more than sharing this side of New Zealand with guests. Even if you're a Kiwi you'll learn a few things you didn't know after a trip with Matt, guaranteed! His passion for history and Maori culture helps guests on his trips gain a deeper, more meaningful understanding of all the places they visit on tour.
MoaTours Guide Paul at Lake Tarawera


- Kiwi Guide

Like so many Kiwis, travel is Paul's great love and he's clocked up a few miles both here in New Zealand and overseas. As a seasoned globe trotter himself, he knows from first-hand experience what turns a good trip into an unforgettable one. Everyone loves his sense of humour and ability to entertain, as well as his in-depth knowledge of New Zealand culture, history and society.
Caroline from MoaTours in front of Rangitoto Island


- Office Team

Caroline's been travelling since she was a kid, from the days her parents dragged her all over the country on family holidays! She's never forgotten that spirit of discovery, and nowadays she loves helping guests on trips discover her favourite childhood spots for themselves. Once you’ve booked your trip Caroline will be there to help you out with anything at all.
MoaTours Guide Richard bungy jumping in Queenstown


- Kiwi Guide

Richard is a 5th generation South Islander, he grew up on a high country station in Canterbury. He has always loved the great outdoors and has some pretty interesting stories to tell from working in places as exotic as outback Australia and Antarctica. When not sharing his favourite spots with guests on tour, Richard loves getting out on the open roads of the South Island on his beloved BMW motorcycle.
MoaTours Guide Mike by the lake in Queenstown


- Kiwi Guide

Mike has been showing travellers around New Zealand as a guide for 20 years, although we reckon he doesn't look old enough for that! He now lives in Wellington and is a bit of a Lord of the Rings buff, so if you want to know where any scene was filmed then he's your man - he was in a few scenes himself as an orc too you know! He started his guiding life in Queenstown, leading off road tours all over the beautiful Wakatipu basin, and it's probably his favourite part of the country.
MoaTours Kiwi Guide Marilyn at Lake Wanaka


- Kiwi Guide

Marilyn is one of the most experienced tour guides on the road in New Zealand, with over 20 years experience leading tours here and around the world. As soon as you meet her you'll realize she's right in her element showing visitors around the best sights in New Zealand, but what we always hear from people after Marilyn's trips is that it was like travelling with an old friend. When she's not guiding Marilyn loves exploring the best walking tracks in the country, she's got some great stories from years 'tramping' in New Zealand, just ask her and she'll be happy to share.

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