MoaTours guide Andrew and guests on the Tolaga Bay Wharf on the East Cape

Kiwi Guide Stories - Travelling the East Cape

Last spring MoaTours Kiwi Guide Andrew led a happy group of travellers through the East Cape of the North Island, here’s the story of their adventure.

There are a couple of corners of New Zealand which really fit the description of being “off the beaten track”, places where you feel the world slow down and it's like you’re stepping back in time.

Luckily for us in New Zealand many of these places are also rich with stories of our history and culture and being blessed with natural scenery. The East Cape of the North Island is one of those for sure and has been a hit with our guests at MoaTours since 2005.

My East Cape Caper with MoaTours - from Kiwi Guide Andrew

I feel very fortunate to have travelled all over New Zealand as a tour guide for more than 20 years now and in that time I've shown people from all over the world around our amazing country.

But in recent years I’ve been guiding more of our regional “MoaTours” itineraries, where our guests are Kiwis discovering their own country and we visit places which are a little more “off the beaten track”, just like the East Cape of the North Island.

This has been an incredibly rewarding experience and this East Cape Caper trip was no exception, so please read on for my travel diary from our recent trip.

I hope you enjoyed this recollection of our trip from last spring, of course nothing beats visiting first hand. Our East Cape Caper trip has been a guest favourite for over 15 years now we’ll be off again this coming season, we’d love you to join us!

If you’d like to see more pictures from the trip they’re all here on our Facebook page and you can see more about our East Cape Caper 6 day tour here.

Thanks for reading!


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