When you look back at your favourite travel experiences over the years, what is it that makes some stand out more than others? For many, it's the people they meet and share special times with. Well that's what we think too and if you ask us why we do what we do, it's because we love meeting new people and showing you around the very best spots in this magical country we're lucky to call home.

When you first get in touch about your trip, you'll be talking with Tracy, Tanya, Susan, Christine or Sarah - here to help with anything at all you need to know or want to ask, they'll make sure your MoaTours experience is relaxed and stress free from start to finish. 

Your Kiwi Guides

Our team of guides are great people with lots of interesting stories to tell, they love leading our small group style tours as they know this is the best way to see the amazing country we Kiwis call home. You'll love hearing about Sean's surfing prowess or Andrew's knowledge of flora and fauna - getting to know these characters makes your trip that much more memorable.

Behind the scenes, the guide team is fully supported by one of the most experienced and committed teams in all of New Zealand tourism, folks with decades of experience who love sharing their favourite Kiwi spots with you on your tour.

MoaTours Kiwi Guides and office team in Ruatahuna

The Office Team

Most of our guests' adventures start with a friendly chat with one of our office team, Tracy, Tanya, Susan, Christine or Sarah and as so many of our guests return for more trips you will get to know them really well. Our team is a group of passionate travel professionals, with decades working and travelling all over the world and now we are all so proud to be helping Kiwis experience the very best of our own wonderful country. Find out more about each of the team below.

MoaTours office team in Whakatane

Meet the whole MoaTours team

Meet the team, from our Kiwi Guides to the friendly team at home base, click on the pictures below to find out more about each of the team...

Tracy from MoaTours on the beach at Mission Bay
- Office Team
Tracy will be the person you talk to first of all when you're planning your small group escape, she'll look after you!
Tanya from MoaTrek on the beach in Auckland, Rangitoto Island behind
- Office Team
Tanya has been all over the world on her own ‘OEs’ and now spends her days helping other people make their travel dreams come true.
Christine from MoaTours on the beach in Auckland
- Office
Christine loves travel, she's been working in tourism since 1983 and can’t imagine doing anything else. 
Susan from MoaTours on the beach in Auckland
- Office Team
Born in the South and raised in Auckland, Susan is a proud and passionate Kiwi with decades of experience in travel.
Imke from MoaTours
- Office Team
Originally from Germany, NZ has been home for 8 years and she still loves the natural beauty, diversity of landscapes and friendly people.
Lisa - office team
- Office Team
Lisa was born and raised in Auckland and has over 20 years experience in travel. She works behind the scenes with all our amazing suppliers.
Alisha from MoaTours on the beach at Mission Bay, Rangitoto Island in the background
- Office Team
Alisha has been part of the MoaTours team since 2010, she has a passion for travelling her own country and is a true Kiwi.
Nikita from MoaTours at Great Barrier Island
- Office Team
Originally from Tahiti, Nikita has lived all over the world prior to landing in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2012.
Operations and Fleet Manager Charlie Cavolo
- Operations
Originally from Argentina, Charlie brings a ‘can do’ attitude combined with a background in vehicle maintenance and logistics.
Valentin has spent several years as tour guide in New Zealand before joining the Operations Team
- Operations

Valentin is a journalist, musician and tour guide who fell in love with New Zealand.

Pablo standing on mission Bay Hill
- Operations
Originally from Argentina, Pablo came to Aotearoa in the early 2000s. Previously a guide himself, he’s now a valuable part of our ops team.
MoaTours Kiwi Guide Andre
- Operations
Andre has over 10 years experience guiding & brings his passion for botany, eco-systems, environmental education to all his tours.
Sean, our Kiwi Guide from Northland
- Kiwi Guide
Sean loves the great outdoors and is passionate about the environment. When Sean's not guiding he is a commercial artist.
MoaTours guide Andrew on the sand dunes in the Hokianga harbour
- Kiwi Guide
A professional tour guide since 2015, Andrew loves sharing the outdoors with guests. Ask him how the native trees in his nursery are growing!
Kiwi Guide Tim has been sharing New Zealand with guests for 25 years
- Kiwi Guide
Tim is a real people person and combines his love or travelling with 25+ years touring to be the Master Kiwi Guide.
MoaTrek Kiwi Guide Graeme at Huka Falls
- Kiwi Guide
Graeme brings an amazing background to the Kiwi Guide team, having spent 30 years working all over the world as a geologist.
MoaTours Guide Richard Gallagher
- Kiwi Guide
Richard is a 5th generation South Islander, he grew up on a high country station and has been guiding all over the mainland for decades.
Helen, a valued Kiwi Guide for over 10 years
- Kiwi Guide
Helen has been guiding in New Zealand and internationally for over 10 years and loves sharing NZ’s special places and people with guests.
Kiwi Guide Lindsay, on Kapiti Island
- Kiwi Guide
Hailing from the Kapiti Coast, Lindsay is versed in Te Reo, he has been a tour guide and expedition leader for ten years.
Peter, New Zealand history and Maori Wars enthusiast
- Kiwi Guide
Peter is Ex Army and a high school history teacher. His passion is how cultures and communities have interacted in New Zealand.
Kiwi Guide Ian, loves sharing his favourite parts of New Zealand with you
- Kiwi Guide

Ian is an experienced tour guide and motorsport enthusiast. He has worked on racing teams over the years.

Jan, guiding around New Zealand for over 20 years
- Kiwi Guide
The last 20 years Jan has been guiding walking and biking tours. Being a Kiwi Guide provides her the next step in her guiding journey.
Steve, from Auckland, has been guiding in New Zealand for over 25 years
- Kiwi Guide
Steve is a born and bred Kiwi with a true passion for New Zealand’s history and culture with 25 years driving and guiding experience behind him.
Ali Frew has a background in guiding, hiking and education
- Kiwi Guide
Ali has lead hiking tours and worked in outdoor education. She loves travelling around New Zealand and sharing it with others.

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