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Te Urewera, Waikaremoana & Mahia - Kiwi Guide Stories

25 Jun 2021

MoaTours Kiwi Guide Tim introduces the mystical worlds of Te Urewera, Lake Waikaremoana and Mahia, the stage for our unique small group tour.

Te Urewera & Lake Waikaremoana are magical places, the fabulous region where the Tuhoe dwell, the Children of the Mist.

Many Kiwis have long dreamt of exploring this part of the country, as have we at MoaTours, and we're proud to offer our small group tour to Te Urewera, Waikaremoana & Mahia. 

The beauty of its rippling lakes, untouched forests and mist-shrouded mountains is like a magnet for any adventurous traveller, but it’s the stories of the people who have lived here for centuries that adds the mystique that for me is one of its greatest attractions.

Kia Ora, I’m Tim, and having led MoaTours trips to many parts of New Zealand for the past few years, the opportunity to explore this amazing part of the country is very exciting to me and all the Kiwi Guide team.

This tour brings together in one itinerary places and activities which are often inaccessible to individuals and even more enjoyable with the companionship of a small group tour. It ties together a raft of distinctive experiences that highlight our country’s natural and cultural heritage not previously included on MoaTours trips. It combines the unique ... with the awesome ... with the extraordinary!

There's so much to see on this trip, here's a summary of the highlights which I know will leave an impression on all our guests.

Te Urewera, Waikaremoana & Mahia - a unique corner of New Zealand

As a guide, I've been privileged to travel to most parts of New Zealand, even the ones that would easily count as "off the beaten track", but Te Urewera, Lake Waikaremoana and Mahia are places I hadn't visited until very recently.

The Bay of Plenty Coastline, Whirinaki Forest, Lake Waikaremoana and Te Urewera are stunning spots. The beautiful beaches and coastline of the East Cape and Mahia have their own unique story of space rockets and stingrays.

There's nowhere else in New Zealand where you can experience all this in one week, that's for sure.

It's a part of the country which has a very different feel to anywhere else I've been. It's the land and scenery for sure, but it's also the people.

Tūhoe, the children of the mist, and our guide Brenda, have a special connection to their land which they gladly share with us. Nadene and Karl Toetoe from Kohutapu Lodge are leaders in their community. Volunteers and guides at Tatapouri Bay, Waikereru Ecosanctuary, Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari and at the museums we visit are proudly keeping the stories of their communities and history alive.

A journey through these areas, meeting the people who live here is what we love most about exploring these very special corners of New Zealand.

Our Te Urewera, Waikaremoana & Mahia tour takes in what is often unknown, unseen and little appreciated and lays them all before you to easily enjoy. We know you'll love it and I look forward to sharing this wonderful area and people with our travellers.

Tim, a professional guide for over twenty years
25 Jun 2021
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