Ever since we were kids, we've loved discovering the special little corners of our country, so in 1971 it was natural for Ena and a few others to start a tour company dedicated to sharing these places with others. Today the family tradition continues, with Ena's son Miles on board, MoaTours is a New Zealand family owned business!

In the early days we ran backpacker trips for young Aussie visitors, we got to know everyone all around the country, and our trips were super popular. Fast forward to today and just like us, our trips have grown up and we now travel to the same amazing spots but these days we happily rest in comfort at the end of each day in 4-star hotels, as opposed to pitching a tent!

What hasn't changed is we still love nothing more than showing guests on our trips our favourite spots all over the country and we still visit plenty of places today that we did back in the early days. It's the magic that happens sharing these special trips with each other that is why we still love doing this as much as we did the day we started in 1971.

What's A Moa?

Unique to New Zealand, Moa lived for 60 million years in a lush, peaceful and primeval landscape until the end of the 13th century. Like the Kiwi, Moa couldn't fly - instead, they walked everywhere. Unfortunately, they were no match for the Maori, the new migrants to New Zealand, who saw them as a tasty, easy-to-catch resource and didn't hesitate to put them on the menu and make cloaks from their feathers. Now extinct, these birds once came in several sizes - from small (1.3m tall) to very big (2m tall and weighing 250kgs).

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