Lunch at Kinloch Lodge - Regional dining New Zealand

New Zealand's best regional dining

02 Mar 2020

After a recent jaunt around our beautiful country something that was a most delightful surprise: dining out in regional New Zealand. The folks at MoaTours really know their stuff and they took us to all the best out-of-the-way restaurants - some in the middle of nowhere– and they’re as good (if not better) than your beloved city eateries. On your next trip, make sure you stop at all of these amazing restaurants. 

A Couple of Special Mentions

They may be well and truly off the beaten track, but these eateries deserve a mention for their super-fresh ingredients, friendly service and incredible locations.

Join MoaTours for a special experience

So there you have our top recommendations for regional dining. But don’t just make your own way there – join MoaTours for a really special experience. We have been visiting these amazing restaurants (and many others on our numerous tours) for many years. You’ll be in your small, friendly group, you’ll get the best seats in the house and lots of inside tips when it comes to choosing from the menus. 

Bye for now, and Bon Appetit!

Ena from MoaTours by Lake Wakatipu
02 Mar 2020
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