MoaTours Guests Glenis, Sharon and Shelley on the beach at St Heliers

MoaTours Guest Video - Meet Glenis, Sharon & Shelley

01 Jul 2019
andrew w

One of the great things about living in Auckland where most of our guests are too, is that from time to time we have the opportunity to catch up in person. Recently Kiwi Guide Andrew had the pleasure of the company of Glenis, Sharon and Shelly, who all shared a recent South Island trip together. As well as a fun catch up and tasty lunch, the ladies shared their recent experiences on their Karamea & Wild West Coast tour. 

To watch click the video image below or watch on our YouTube channel here.

MoaTours Guest Video - Glenis, Sharon & Shelley

Enjoy the short 3 minute video of Kiwi Guide Andrew chatting with the ladies about their MoaTours experience.



Video Transcript

Andrew: OK, so we are here with Glenis, Sharon & Shelley who have all just recently come back to Auckland from the West Coast with MoaTours. So what did you guys, what do you think of when I ask you about the trip? What comes to mind? What did you enjoy?

Sharon: Oh our tour driver Andrew, of course.

Glenis: Absolutely! I enjoyed going into little places and getting the history of those little towns, which you don't normally get if you're going off to big cities. So that was really good.

Shelley: Okarito. I really enjoyed Okarito because of the locals cooking us lunch in the hall. That was really nice.

Glenis: Oh yes, in that lovely old hall.

Sharon: And I just loved Karamea, those tall Nikau Palms, looking at the Tasman Sea on that beautiful West Coast and having our lovely packed picnic lunch on the beach. It was just fabulous and the weather was amazing. 

Glenis: And I loved the Whitebait fritters.

(Ladylike laughter)

Shelley: And also what was really nice was the Barbeque on the beach at Punakaiki.

Sharon: Oh yes, that was fabulous. Andrew lit us a fire, we had wine on the beach, it was wonderful.

Shelley: It was something a bit different.

Glenis: I think not having all that rushing, having that itinerary was really good as far as I'm concerned. It was all clear, you know what time you had to be wherever, when the bus was leaving and things like that, it was all good. Well organized.

Shelley: Yes it was really good.  Of course the West Coast scenery, the variation of it.

Sharon: And the little Moas walking everywhere that you don't see...

Shelley: Not Moas.

Sharon: No Keas, you'll have to edit that bit.

Glenis: Keas!

Andrew: We were the Moas. Wekas, wekas.

Sharon: Wekas, yes, wekas. Sorry. 

(All round laughter, still quite ladylike but losing it a little)

Sharon: Moas are huge things aren't they, with big bones. Extinct!

Andrew: And what would you say to any friends about doing a tour like that? Have you spoken to friends and family about the trip? 

Sharon: Definitely.

Shelley: Yes. We tell them to go.

Sharon: We tell them, we do. It was really nice. 

Shelley: Really good. 

Andrew: What was it about travelling with MoaTours that made you decide to go with MoaTours?

Shelley: Where you go.

Glenis: The knowledge that people have, the kindness I found towards all passengers no matter what ages they were. We were all well looked after. It was lovely. 

Sharon: Well we're all pretty old...

Glenis: Shut up. Oh, we have to take that one out too. (Sorry Glenis, we kept it in :))

Sharon: It's more for seniors, so I probably won't do lots of walking because I don't have good legs to take me on lots of walking, so it was just perfect. 

Shelley: And you didn't have to walk.

Sharon: No you didn't.

Glenis: There was no pressure put on you. 

Sharon: No, there was no pressure whatsoever, it was just great. 

Andrew: And what's next on the holiday agenda for you ladies?

Shelley: Definitely a Moa trip.

Sharon: Oh, yes. I've already got the latest book and peruse it every now and then. 

Shelley: It's just finding the time.

Glenis: And I haven't made one just yet, but who knows.

Sharon: Definitely if it's Andrew as our driver and very knowledgeable tour guide.

Andrew: We're going to get all our guides to change their names to Andrew now. 

(Ladylike tittering)

Andrew: Alright, thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

01 Jul 2019
andrew w
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