We all know New Zealand is a fantastic country to explore, with hidden gems and unexpected delights around every corner. There are different ways to explore the country and we reckon travelling in a small group is the only way to go. 

When you travel on one of our small group tours you'll be in a friendly group of no more than 18 travellers, plus your MoaTours Kiwi Guide of course! That's guaranteed, and how we've been doing it since 1971.

So here's why we love small group travel around New Zealand.

Once you try small group travel there's no going back

Quite a few guests are trying small group travel for the first time and they all tell us they're never going on a big coach tour again.

The special places we visit, the people we meet and the friendships we make, along with the care and attention from your guide, all make it the only way to see New Zealand.

It's just a better way to travel.

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