MoaTours Guest Val at the Half Moon Bay Marina

MoaTours Guest Video - Val talks about her WOW tour

We caught up with World of WearableArt Awards Show tour guest Val and asked her all about her tour. What was her favourite memory, what did she think of the WOW Show, how was her guide? Find out what made her say WOW!

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MoaTours Guest Video - Val talks about her WOW tour

Here's MoaTours guest Val talking about her World of WearableArt Awards Show tour.



Video Transcript

Andrew: OK now, we're out having lunch at Half Moon Bay with Val, Hi Val!

Val: Hi

Andrew: Now Val, you were on a tour recently with MoaTours. What was the one that you did?

Val: WOW. It was the World of WearableArts

Andrew: WOW!

Val: Yes, and it was. It was probably the best tour I've been on. I really enjoyed it. It was something I'd seen at a promotion at work, they have one every year and it was in the brochure. We'd thought about going to WOW but never actually did anything about it and then we saw the tour in the brochure and decided we'd do it because it was really reasonable and it was door to door service and that’s awesome as well. So off we went on the tour.

Andrew: When you think back to the tour now, what makes you laugh, what makes you smile?

Val: It’s appropriately named, shall we say, because every day we used to get up and think you can’t beat yesterday, it was such a good day, but no the next day it’s “WOW” again. Every day was a “WOW” day, not just going to the show itself, which was awesome. It’s now started that I have to go each year now! It’s just the things that we did, even the first day going out, we went to little homesteads for lunch, places that you would never ever be able to go to if you booked yourself or even through a normal travel agent. You don’t usually get to see these little homesteads and meet these people and have lunch in their homes. It was just awesome, the whole thing!

Andrew: And who was your Guide on that trip?

Val: Well that’s the problem, I can’t quite remember his name. 

Andrew: We know his name, it’s Paul.

Val: Paul, it was! And he was great, he just made us laugh all day, things that we did and things that he said, he was really really lovely.

Andrew: Yes, he’s one out of the box, Paul. And about the show itself, how would you describe the World of WearableArt Awards Show to someone who had never been?

Val: It’s quirky, it’s different, it’s just bright and colourful… When you see it on the TV you think I don’t know why they’re showing that because who would wear those things? But it’s not about who would wear them it’s about people making these things for a certain category and how they’ve made it. The outfits, you could wear them because they are so good and they look beautiful. The whole atmosphere around WOW is just amazing. 

Andrew: Great! And one last question, so what was it that you liked about doing the trip with MoaTours?

Val: I liked the fact that everything was arranged, there was absolutely nothing we had to worry about. The only thing we had to worry about was making sure our bags were outside our door in the morning so they were picked up, they put them on the bus and that’s all you had to worry about. All the meals were all done, you knew exactly what you were doing, times, dates, meals, everything was planned. It was just amazing.

Andrew: Well thank you very much Val.

Val: My pleasure.

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